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Under Construction

This is where "editorials" will reside. Everyone else calls this part of a website a "blog", but there's a major, major difference here. No comments sections.

The web hosting firm that hosts this site pointedly emphasizes that they do NOT host adult sites. Theoretically, that would include adult language, XSS attacks and hotlinks to adult sites that commentors might post. If so, that would imply the need to moderate comments. And I don't want to put out that kind of effort for what is essentially just a hobby. That's my plausible excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

But truth be told, I wouldn't have comments sections even if the web hosting firm told me they were fine with unmoderated comments. I'm not a big fan of the flame wars that typically develop in blog comment sections. This is a more peaceful site. I'm keeping it that way. So if you have a difference of opinion with anything I said, please feel free to post it on your own website.

Yes, I realize that I'm also excluding comments of a positive nature, improvements to the project code, questions that readers might have that I (or other readers) wouldn't mind answering, etc.

I suspect that a lot of bloggers really love their comments sections, even if they're full of flame wars. It gives them feedback about how popular their website is. It shows the world how popular their website is, and that helps to make it even more popular. But I don't care to make this site popular. I only care to make it available. Anything more would be too much like work, and I have quite enough of that already.

Nothing more to see here yet. (Please check back later.)